The Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church:  A Noncredit Course

Instructor: Dr. Albert Schorsch, III.

Dates: Originally presented 2014-2015 at the St. John Paul II Newman Center 700 S. Morgan, Chicago IL

Time: Online at any time

If you are interested in the unique approach of Pope Francis to social justice, and if you are curious to learn how Catholic thought frames the social, political, economic, and moral questions of the day, please listen to the following podcasts.

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Class I   —  Biblical & Theoretical Foundations, St. Thomas Aquinas – [recording]

Class II  — Human Person – [recording]L

Class III  —  Common Good, Subsidiary & Solidarity – [recording]

Class IV  —  Family – [recording]

Class V   —  Work – [recording]

Class VI  —  Economic Life, Political & International Community – [recording]

Class VII —  Environment, Peace, & a Civilization of Love – [recording]

Bonus Sessions


St. Augustine of Hippo: Bishop, Enemy of Human Trafficking [recording]

St. Catherine of Siena – [recording]

St. Faustina Kowalska – The Message of God’s Mercy – [being edited]

St. John Paul II and the Jewish Community – [being edited]

St. John Paul II and Non-Catholic Christians – [being edited]

St. John Paul II and the Secular World – [being edited]

St. Katharine Drexel, Friend of the Oppressed [recording]

St. Polycarp of Smyrna – [being edited]

St. Thomas Aquinas: From Herring to Prudence [recording]

From Slave to Priest: Fr. Augustus Tolton, presented by Most Rev. Joseph Perry, JCL, DD [being edited]


Leo XIII & His Encyclical on Capital & Labor, Rerum Novarum – [recording]

Pius XI & Quadragesimo Anno: On Reconstruction of the Social Order [recording]

John XXIII & his Encyclical on Peace, Pacem in Terris – [recording]

Pope Francis and his Joy of the Gospel – [recording]

Pope Francis and his Joy of Love – student & faculty discussion – [being edited]

Pope Francis and his Laudato Si – faculty panel – [being edited]

Pope Francis on Mercy – Misericordiae Vultus – [being edited]

Arts and Letters

Cardinal George’s Godly Humanism – [recording] (panel: Mary Hallan Fiorito, Timothy Kirchoff, Albert Schorsch, III)

Flannery O’Connor’s Transfigured Vision – [recording]   (presenter: Judge Thomas More Donnelly)

Margaret More Roper: Bridge to Erasmus & More, Homeschooler – [recording]

Sports and Faith – Patrick McCaskey – [being edited]


You can supplement the course by reading two articles by Dr. Schorsch

The course text is the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church: